Tech Enlighten

Get Enlightened on your TECH.

Learn how use your :

Smartphone / Smart TV / Alexa / Google Assistant / Car Infotainment System / Smart Thermostat/ Video Doorbells / Security Cams / Pool Monitors Wi-Fi


Many people do not know how to user their TECH.

Your TECH can help you save thousands of dollars each year and keep you and your family safe.

Save over a $1000 a Year and keep all the same Channels and More.

Become Secure without paying a Security Company

Don't let your TV intimidate you.

Learn how simple a smartphone is to use once someone shows you how.

Learn how to go handsfree even if you don't have a car with an infotainment system.

Learn how to do everything Just by asking!!!

Become Handsfree and SAVE Lives

Same a lot of money by using an energy Saving Smart Thermostat Turn you climate controls on or off from anywhere.

Video Doorbells that tell you when you have a Delivery or when friends and family comes home. They can actually recognize the people you know.

Wireless Child and Pet Pool Monitors

Wireless Key Tags and Locators Find your Luggage, Keys, Wallet, Pet, and Children. Find anything you value easily.

Smart Switches SAVE money and can turn off and on lights, Fans, Evaporative Coolers, and More.... Switch anything form anywhere on or off.....

Let me help you SAVE lots of MONEY keep SAFE.

Stop all the anxiety over using your TECH.

Learn to use your Smartphones, Smart TVs, Smart Thermostats and More.

Many people have anxiety over using TECH....

There is no need to be nervous. Once you learn the simple things, it all becomes so easy . Once you learn how to use these money saving devices in your home or anywhere, you will wonder how you lived without them.

  1. Stop driving in your car with your phone to your ear and, putting your life and those of others in Danger. Avoid expensive embarrassing tickets. I can hook your phone up with your car stereo and help you do more than make phone calls. I can help you navigate to stores and appointments just by giving your phone a few voice commands.. I can help you learn how to receive text and send text handsfree trough your car speakers.

  2. Learn how to use your Smart TV, Google TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire TV, LG and Samsung TVs, and more. Once you learn how to use these devices you can save thousands each year over cable and still watch all the programs you love no matter how old those programs are.

  3. Learn how to use your Smart Thermostat and save hundreds each year over conventional Thermostats.

  4. Learn how to get a Smart Doorbell, Smart Security Cam, or Wireless Pool Monitors and keep you and your family safe for hundreds of dollars less than an conventional security systems.

  5. Get cooking Lessons , get the Weather, make reminders and more by using a smart speaker. It can even turn your lights on and off. It can turn your TV on and change channels and volume just by using your voice. Many people don't know all the things a smart speaker or smart assistant screen can do.

Let me help you with your smart tech. Let me help take the stress out of using TECH. My service will help you accomplish making your life easier and safe. Once you use my service I can stay "on call" so if things go wrong. I can help you resolve any issues usually over the phone. With my service not only do you get the knowledge you need to use these devices but, you get some free tech support from me as well. Let me help you make life easier.

I also can help with your Tablets, Laptops and Desktop Computers as well!

Free Consultation: Call for an Appointment: Mark Wiggins (760) 671-0706

$200 For 3 Hours. $25.00 for each hour after that. My phone tech support after my service call is FREE....